Wednesday, January 2, 2013

RAPED MIND by Haminia Haar

When you were in your mother's womb,

You swam like the golden fish feeling so good..

When you came to life smiling so loud,

You felt the warm arms of your mother, so proud !



Happiness and love surrounded you,

Sweet Paradise on Earth was shining to you..

No grey cloud, no ugly things you could see,

For your parents' dream for you was to be free.



Free to know life and believe in God,

Free to learn, to love and respect the Lord's word.

To become a great man, to serve life,

To shine over the sky and stars so bright !



Later, the children' s friendship you knew,

Dancing in smile and laughter with not so few.

The first love thought came to your pure mind,

Amazing the feelings you felt were so kind !



Years have passed, you want to forget,

So empty time without your mother you met.

She went to God whom she loved so much

You lost her love, her embrace, her dear touch.



Nobody knows what happened to you

After your good father left the small house, too

With a bad woman, by your thinking..

You forgot all your friends and understanding.



Black clouds covered your mind suddenly

Nothing was good like before unfortunately,

New friends with black caps surrounded you,

Scotch and drugs instead of food they gave to you.


New times have come, now you are a Man..

New things to do, you are so sure you can.

How beautiful life, you proudly say ,

No worries, no work, almost nothing to pay..



Stealing a bread is so easily,

This country is so big, the people friendly..

You can cheat them quickly smiling free.

You are happy but why nobody can see ?


Your mind observes everything around,

Elegant villas cost a too big amount.

Why so many luxury cars here ?

Why the girls show their smartness so clear ?



This is a part of life you don't know,

You plan with your friends to discover it how..

Start to walk and travel up and down,

Fury comes to your mind thinking you are clown.



Some people laugh, they have everything..

You take drugs instead of food, you have nothing.

Men and women have love partners, too

Girls or women didn't accept you, so true ..



Fury grows to your body, higher..

The cells of your blood start to burn in fire,

It's time to ask your friends what to do

Yes, to convince a girl to make sex with you.



I'll buy some bottles of wine, you say..

To share it with friends who can help in a way,

With drugs and alcohol in your veins,

You'll have the necessary courage, no pains.



Where to find girls, you start to think..

Somewhere in the darkness with no human being.

In fact, the place for sex no matter

To fulfill your desires  is much better.



All friends agreed with this solution..

Even raping the girls is a good portion.

You all decided without fear

To feel ecstasy or death is the same, rare.



The next evening you started your plan.

What's on hell so hard to find girls for you, men ?

Plenty of them everywhere on street

Walking up and down is easy them to meet.



Seven young men raped repeatedly

A beautiful smart student from New Delhi,

With brutality without fear,

Not thinking of the justice for her tear..



It was 16th December, Sunday..

When she was going back home as every day,

Before Christmas thinking of wedding

With her friend who was her accompanying.



Shock, students protests, marriage no more,

Parents crying on their fly to Singapore.

For their sweet daughter will never live,

But in their minds and of the authority.



The killers used an iron bar, too

Tens of rapes were not enough for mad like you,

Wanted to revenge your lack of love

And sent the helpless girl to die like a dove.



You broke her life, you destroyed her dreams,

None of her thoughts about happy wife will stream..

What was in your mind and your friends', same ?

Now, you contribute to the national shame.


What society can accept you ?

No one can live in rapists country with you,

What justice allows the men to rape ?

Is India a country to blame ?



What is this place that you live in ?

Where women are threatened with abuse and kill.

Who was the monster of the nation,

Took the women's rights and left for vacation ?



Students protests covered all country,

For Government to punish the killers fiery.

It's not possible to accept them

To live free to rape and kill, they are not Men !



The rapists should pay with their life..

New laws must be taken to protect the Right.

The right to work, to walk, to live free

All the women in the world must free be !



It's time for women to protest strong

When the men humiliate them so much wrong,

Not let anybody else make crime,

Like those seven men who raped the girl in line.



Let your sister to go to school and learn,

Don't let her being touched by a dirty sperm.

Let your mother show her creativity,

To work free where she feels good, sincerely.



Woman are the best in life we need,

We must protect them very much, indeed.

God created them beautiful Light,

To give birth to Life eternally so bright !





Haminia Haar,

1st January 2013



India Gang Rape Indian people hold placards as they participate in a candlelight vigil at India Gate in New Delhi, India, Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012, for a woman raped on a bus. The hours-long gang-rape and near-fatal beating of a 23-year-old student on a bus in New Delhi triggered outrage and anger across the country as Indians demanded action from authorities who have long ignored persistent violence and harassment against women. Placard second left reads as, "Stop violence against women." (AP Photo) INDIA OUT AP2012

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