Sunday, January 16, 2011

About the mission

Well, better late than never, finally decided to reveal the hidden identity. Have been on the stage for quite sometime now, in the capital, New Delhi, India, as an IPS officer, "Officer on Special Duty". Till today was undercover and was making a living like a common man coming from a small town, Varanasi and working in Call Centers, almost all of them, starting from Convergys, IGT, Travelport, Wipro, HCL, Hyperquality, Exl Services and and some of them I didn't join..
And at the same time, took care of my little family, blessed with an angel of 6 yrs. Trying to make the society a better place by making a contribution called "Vishwaalok", my own blog and now well known around the world.
All my income from the government goes into the various funds I have donated to. And all I earn and live with is my salary from the organizations I work with. As an undercover, was not allowed to disclose my identity, and in the long run I decided to quit the IPS job altogether, as it was overshadowing my own real identity. Also, I have always wanted to live with my real self, than the tag I wear, and hence I am working all alone on my mission Vishwaalok, without the advantage of my Tag of being an IPS officer of Batch 74, I take pride in saying that I live for my nation and no one has command on me. Being righteous is not easy, as it comes with hell lot of advantages, still I am the Righteous man as I not only live for my family but for me whole world is a family, and I am protecting it.