Friday, April 27, 2012

Facebook newsfeed post by: Aalok Biswas

Aalok Biswas wrote:

Thodi Si Meethi Hai,
Zara Si Mirchi Hai.
Sau Gram Zindagi,
Samhal Ke Kharchi hai.
Asli hai, jhoothi hai,
Khalis hai, Farzi hai,
Sau Gram Zindagi hai ye,
Samhal ke kharchi hai.
Deir Tak ubaali hai, Cup mein daali hai,
Kadwi hai naseeb si,
Ye Kafi Gaadhi Kaali hai.
Chammach bhar cheeni ho,
Buss itni si Marzi hai.
Sau Gram Zindagi Ye,
Samhal ke kharchi hai.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Is it a joke or something"


Dear Airtel

Upset yes I am. Cos, of a simple thing, that is, your business practically unethical and its high time to get rid of your shares.
I am a man of short words. So, I would be straight forward and ask you, that, is it my fault that I topped up my phone with 200 Rs. and you guys gave me 0 Balance, saying I have got 500 MB of 3g data, but no talk time.
Now I spoke and spoke telling them the story from Harvard to Case Study to export of Generators but no mercy.

Is it that you want, then we are proud to boycott AIRTEL as a whole.

And yaa the no. is 9818911575

Aalok Biswas
vishwaalok foundation


Saturday, April 21, 2012

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Kim & Khloe Kardashian: Chicago, Here We Come!

Posted 1 day ago by Missing-user-75 kimtopps to kimtopps's posterous

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They're certainly no strangers to flying the friendly skies, and the Kardashian gals spent Thursday afternoon (April 19) doing just that as they jetted out of LAX in Los Angeles while landing hours later at Chicago's O'Hare Airport.

Joined by her sister Khloe and their mother Kris Jenner, the lovely Kim Kardashian excitedly tweed of the Windy City trek, "My bag made it ;-)! Chicago here we come!"

As for the reason behind the travels, the E! reality star family will be making an hour-long appearance at the Woodfield Mall on Friday (April 20) to promote their new Sears clothing line.

The trip to Chi-Town comes just after Kim revealed that she's planning to run for a political office, mayor of Glendale to be exact, during a clip from a new episode of "Khloe & Lamar".

The footage shows Kim and Khloe driving past former presidential candidate Ross Perot's museum in Dallas, Texas, during which time Kim blurts out, "I decided I'm going to run for the mayor of Glendale" - and she seems to have it all planned out.

"You have to have a full residency in Glendale," the brunette beauty expands. "For real, Noel is going to head my campaign but it's going to be in like five years. So I have to buy a house there, you have to have residency there."

Kim supposedly chose Glendale because of it's large Armenian population and, although many may wonder if she could really pull it off, she's already getting support from the producer of ?Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Ryan Seacrest, who tweeted, "Can I be first campaign stop?"

Embedded media -- click here to see it.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies for No Teeth

Posted 1 day ago by Missing-user-75 kimtopps to kimtopps's posterous

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Ok, I need some help...

My karate instructor has requested chocolate chip cookies, with spanish peanuts. However, soon after the request he developed some tooth problems and now it is painful for him to put any pressure on half his mouth. He's getting it fixed, but won't be able to chew for a while. I want to make him cookies as a thank you for his help in my training, plus they'd be a get well gift, and he originally asked for them... but the issue is this:

How can I make something that tastes like a chocolate chip cookie (preferably with peanuts) but that doesn't require chewing?

I was originally thinking a milkshake, but that would be tough to transport and bring. Any ideas?


Jamie Gunns Jamie Lynn Sigler Janet Jackson January Jones Jennie Finch

Peeling fresh ginger

Posted 1 day ago by Missing-user-75 kimtopps to kimtopps's posterous

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So I am now embarking on the Great Ginger Pickling Experiment I mentioned earlier.

Am I just a complete klutz with a veggie peeler, or is there actually an easier trick to peeling the ginger? I'm willing to roll with my being a complete klutz, but I'm wondering if there's a specific trick so that I don't end up peeling my fingers in the process.

Jessica Biel Jessica Cauffiel Jessica Paré Jessica Simpson Zooey Deschanel

Thinking About Death More Often Can Improve Physical Health and Make You Nic...

Posted about 22 hours ago by Missing-user-75 joelpomales to joelpomales's posterous

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via Lifehacker by Thorin Klosowski on 4/20/12

Most people try their hardest not to think about death in their day-to-day, but a review of recent research studies published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Review suggests that when you think about death on a regular basis you actually lead a better life. More »

Fight parasites with compounds in worms

Posted about 22 hours ago by Small_square_thumb Futurity to Holy Kaw!

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A class of molecules used by all nematodes could lead to news ways to treat parasites that infects humans, animals, and crops.

“All of these nematodes speak the same chemical language,” through the use of compounds called ascarosides, says study co-author Frank Schroeder, a research scientist at the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research at Cornell University.

Full story at Futurity.

More research news from top universities.

The banana clone wars [infographic]

Posted about 19 hours ago by Monster-1_thumb Infographics Monster to Holy Kaw!

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Via Coupons.

Mmmm, food news.

Vita-mania: America's supplement obsession [infographic]

Posted about 19 hours ago by Monster-1_thumb Infographics Monster to Holy Kaw!

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The scoop on health news.

Brain signals move hand, but not via spine

Posted about 19 hours ago by Small_square_thumb Futurity to Holy Kaw!

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A new device delivers messages from the brain directly to muscles—bypassing the spinal cord—to enable voluntary and complex movement of a paralyzed hand.

"We are eavesdropping on the natural electrical signals from the brain that tell the arm and hand how to move, and sending those signals directly to the muscles," says Northwestern University neuroscientist Lee E. Miller.

Full story at Futurity.

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Photo credit: Fotolia

A thing that exists: Marijuana-infused wine

Posted about 19 hours ago by W_thumb The Week to Holy Kaw!

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A new crop of California wines infused with marijuana may have a skunky bouquet, but they probably pair well with pot brownies

Travelers making their way through California's Central Coast may smell a pungent new aroma coming from their wineglasses — thanks to a little marijuana. What began as a novelty in the 1980s is becoming more commonplace as California winemakers look to ferment grapes with the sticky, THC-laden leaves. Here, a brief guide to the munchy-inducing trend:

Full story at The Week.

Photo: CC by Vladimir Petkov

All the top stories from The Week.

Facts about Earth Day [infographic]

Posted about 18 hours ago by Monster-1_thumb Infographics Monster to Holy Kaw!

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Via HR Block. (H/T @ritubpant)

Appreciate the Earth by going green.

The unexpected bluefish tacos and a day at the beach

Posted about 16 hours ago by Missing-user-75 kimtopps to kimtopps's posterous

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It was Saturday afternoon.

The temperatures had dropped slightly, but the sun shined bright.

I had been awaiting an outdoor picnic all week. "I think we should take the kids to the beach this afternoon" I said to C. I had some of the red beet and poppy seed muffins set aside for it. Sliced fruit, cheese, and bread also made it into the basket.

As we were loading the car, C. turned and casually said "and I think I will bring my fishing pole too". I remembered last year's pompano.

Beach-bound... without expectations.

We set up camp right next to the shore. A long tube buried in the sand that held the fishing pole. I didn't even know one could fish at the beach shore as all my early fishing experiences were at the river with my grandfather.

The sky was blue and the waves reflected the most beautiful light - they sparkled.

Jon and Miren kept an initial distance from the cold water. First a hand, then a foot... suddenly, they were both running and jumping over waves. Covered in sand and having the time of their lives, I reminded myself how we were building memories right there.

Chattering teeth, shivering, and all.

Suddenly, I turned my back and there I saw C. struggling with the pole, tugging, letting go, and back to pulling.

An eight-pound silver and blue fish. It was beautiful. Jon and Miren stared at it in awe. We were not sure of what type of fish it was. We knew it was not pompano and did not want to take any chances, so we consulted a few people. The unanimous answer was - bluefish.

We knew what we were going to have for lunch the next day.

I have cleaned many fish in my lifetime. I believe I was 11 or 12 the first time I helped my mom clean anchovies and hake. Scales, inners, and all. I actually really enjoy the process.

However, I had never cleaned or cooked a bluefish before, so I got online and started my research. It is an oily fish with darker flesh and many complain of a strong taste and odor. A dark line of flesh runs all through the middle of the fish and this must be removed before cooking to eliminate that bitter taste.

I followed suit.

Some even recommend soaking the fish in milk overnight, which I didn't do. I thought that a simple citrus and garlic marinade would work just as well.

Bluefish tacos served with yogurt and dill sauce, avocados, tomatoes from the garden, watercress, and green onions were our Sunday lunch.

I found the taste of bluefish pleasant and similar to the txitxarro (horse mackarel) I grew up eating.

I also cooked quinoa salad with beets, purple cauliflower, and mache with all my Saturday farmers' market finds.

And for dessert? Chewy chocolate chip cookies.

A good lunch indeed.

Bluefish tacos with yogurt and dill sauce

serves 4

Yogurt and dill dressing

1/3 cup (85 ml) Greek-style, whole-milk yogurt
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon Dijon Mustard
Juice of half a lime
1 tablespoon finely chopped cilantro
1 tablespoon finely chopped dill
1/2 teaspoon salt

Stir all ingredients together and refrigerate until ready to use.