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The Language Of Faith - Aalok Biswas

30 Mar, 2012
The Language Of Faith The Bible, Quran, Vedas, and all the other holy books are enshrined by many of us in the innermost part of our heart and beliefs. There are those who.. By Krisha Kops  |  15 Responses
Money Mania   The more you hoard, the more futile it is, for we simply cannot take it with us, says OSHO   Wealth means all that which you go on collec.. By Osho  |  10 Responses
When Absolutely Nothing Matters     If it’s true that a vacuum can create virtual particles, did our universe materialise out of nothing, asks MUKUL SHARMA   No.. By Mukul Sharma  |  14 Responses
The Velocity of Emotions The Velocity of EmotionsDeep in Delusion, We often miss the Beauty of Life and we forget to LOVE.This is a work of FICTION. Any resemblance to t.. By Mohanji  |  1 Response
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A Line that MOTIVATES you Friends, we generally see something written anywhere that captivates us, & gives us a power, an impulse, a faith to move forward... Just share here what motivates you with all of us. By Alok Mishra  |  2123 Responses
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Unconditional love is the love that gives you the freedom to be your own self by Dada J P Vaswani
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Hylopathism : Belief in ability of matter to affect the spiritual world
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Digest of the Beyond Teaching posts for teachers

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You don't need to be at NASA to start scientific thinking in you!...
Anthropocene: Global changes that man has brought in...
An excellent History teacher resource...
National initiatives on sharing content and knowledge...
A student's contrarian view to Online Learning...
Latest comments on the posts are:
Vinoth Kumar.g commented on How Learning Happens!: nice...
Nandini Srivastava commented on A student's contrarian view to Online Learning: Yes, I think we need to evaluate online learning from Ground zero. Although, it is a great tool tha...
Juaria Naseer commented on A 5-minute University degree, anyone?: yes there will not be any rattifing answers for children,they can understand enjoy...
BT Admin commented on National initiatives on sharing content and knowledge: Thank you, Mr. Vishwajeet for pointing out a typo in the subject line. We stand corrected....
Nandini Srivastava commented on Leadership workshops for teachers by IIMK: Their basic underlying principle was the same....

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Your Daily Posterous Spaces Update

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Your daily Update March 23rd, 2012

How to beat the odds of divorce

Posted 1 day ago by Missing-user-75 Lily Koi to Holy Kaw!

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There are all sorts of stats about which couples make it and which couples end up divorcing. Mental Floss takes a look at seven studies and offers some advice on how you can be among the elite group that lasts. For example:

Quit Smoking

A study published in 2010 (PDF here) found that if only one partner smoked, it caused more marital problems than differing religions, different backgrounds, even different plans for having children.

Couples are an astonishing 76-95% more likely to get divorced if only one of them smokes. The amount increases when the wife is the partner with the habit. While couples who both smoke have it a bit better, a 1998 study found they are still 53% more likely than non-smoking couples to end their marriage.

Take Up Optometry

Analysis of census data from 2000 found some professions seem to be almost divorce-proof. As one might expect, religious workers and clergy had some of the lowest divorce rates, but there were some slightly less obvious professions in the bottom ten. These included optometrists, shuttle car drivers and transit police, with optometrists clocking in with a ridiculously low 4% chance of getting divorced. Other low risk professions included farming and nuclear engineers.

If you think your job as a massage therapist, animal trainer, or mathematician puts you in the clear, think again. You’re in the top ten most-likely-to-get-divorced jobs.

Full story at Mental Floss.

More relationship advice.

Photo credit: Fotolia

How to find out what your customers really think

Posted 1 day ago by Missing-user-75 Lily Koi to Holy Kaw!

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A business succeeds or fails based on how well it pleases its customers. If you're not selling to your base, you're doomed. Open Forum helps you build an effective survey in four easy steps. Here's one of the steps:

Keep it short. How many times have you started to take an online survey only to get bogged down in a seemingly endless series of screens? The Cint survey found shorter is better. Forty percent of consumers will spend one to five minutes taking a survey; 30 percent will devote up to 10 minutes; and just 13 percent are happy to spend over 20 minutes. (I’m surprised that number is so high.) Remember, people are busy, so keep it short and simple.

Full story at Open Forum.

More marketing news.

Photo credit: Fotolia

The Secret Seven by Enid Blyton - review

Posted 1 day ago by Missing-user-75 kimtopps to kimtopps's posterous

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'You can easily get attached to this book and I would definitely recommend it'

This book is about seven children who are an agency. Their names are Peter, Janet, Colin, Pam, Barbara, Jack and George. They all go out on adventures throughout the seasons.

You can easily get attached to this book and I would definitely recommend it.


Want to tell the world about a book you've read? Join the site and send us your review! © 2012 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds

Amanda Bynes Amanda Detmer Amanda Marcum Amanda Peet Amanda Righetti

Kimchi Makin? Time

Posted 1 day ago by Missing-user-75 kimtopps to kimtopps's posterous

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Is it kimchee or is it kimchi? Both seem to be used interchangeably so I’m going to roll with kimchi today. As I mentioned in my last post, Stephanie, Jesse and I had a little kimchi making party at Stephanie’s house last week. I’ve been wanting to make kimchi since I took a kombucha and [...]

Ana Paula Lemes Ananda Lewis Angela Marcello Angelina Jolie Anna Faris

Nuclear clock progress keeps on ticking

Posted about 19 hours ago by Small_square_thumb Futurity to Holy Kaw!

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Scientists report advances toward a clock accurate to within a tenth of a second over 14 billion years—the age of the universe.

“In our paper, we show that by using lasers to orient the electrons in a very specific way, we can use the neutron of an atomic nucleus as the clock pendulum,” says Corey Campbell, a physicist at Georgia Tech.

Full story at Futurity.

More research news from top universities.

Photo credit: Alexander Radnaev

Profile of a Hunger Games fan [infographic]

Posted about 17 hours ago by Photo_booth-7_thumb Annie Colbert to Holy Kaw!

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Via Swaylo.

Read the book before seeing the movie.

Bizarre tax deductions [infographic]

Posted about 17 hours ago by Photo1_thumb Jason Lankow to Holy Kaw!

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(Click on the infographic below to learn more.)

Via Column Five for TurboTax

Like infographics? So do we.

Reduce, reuse, and relocate [infographic]

Posted about 9 hours ago by Photo1_thumb Jason Lankow to Holy Kaw!

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This infographic examines how much gasoline and subsequent CO2 emissions are incurred by driving a rental moving truck short, medium and long distances to a new home. We also found ways that you can green your move, such as recycling or donating unwanted items so that you don’t have to transport them, using biodiesel, opting for reusable plastic moving boxes over cardboard, and more.

(Click on the infographic below to learn more.)

Via Column Five for My Move

Like infographics? So do we.

Facebook photos get full-screen viewing option

Posted about 15 hours ago by Photo_booth-7_thumb Annie Colbert to Holy Kaw!

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Photographers uploading their pictures to Facebook often felt the pang of disappointment at seeing the low-res, small version of their work appear on the social network. Now, thanks to an update by the Facebook engineering team, photo snappers need not fret about friends seeing their snapshots at less than stellar quality.

Facebook rolled out a full-screen viewing option this week to its photo-browsing features. The full-screen view also automatically shows the high-resolution version of photographs.

The full-screen feature is currently in limited release and only works on the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.

Full story at Venture Beat.

Take better photographs and then post on Facebook.

The Bloggess wrote a book

Posted about 13 hours ago by Photo_booth-7_thumb Annie Colbert to Holy Kaw!

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The spit-milk-out-your-nose (and ears) hilarity of Jenny Lawson will soon be available in hardcover form. Better known to interwebbers as The Bloggess, Lawson's first book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir, hits shelves April 17, 2012.

For fans of Tina Fey and David Sedaris—Internet star Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, makes her literary debut.

Jenny Lawson realized that the most mortifying moments of our lives—the ones we’d like to pretend never happened—are in fact the ones that define us. In Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, Lawson takes readers on a hilarious journey recalling her bizarre upbringing in rural Texas, her devastatingly awkward high school years, and her relationship with her long-suffering husband, Victor. Chapters include: “Stanley the Magical, Talking Squirrel”; “A Series of Angry Post-It Notes to My Husband”; “My Vagina Is Fine. Thanks for Asking”; “And Then I Snuck a Dead Cuban Alligator on an Airplane.” Pictures with captions (no one would believe these things without proof) accompany the text.

Embedded media -- click here to see it.

Pre-order and learn more on Amazon.

Tickle your funny bone.

Inside the inferno: Through the eyes of a firefighter [video]

Posted about 11 hours ago by Po-wed_006__2__thumb Kate Rinsema to Holy Kaw!

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Pop culture loves superheroes, but how often do we get to see through the eyes of the heroes living in our hometowns, firefighters?

Thanks to the use of a Fire Cam MINI HD, now we can.

A big thanks to all the firefighters out there keeping us safe.

Embedded media -- click here to see it.

Full story at YouTube.

Heroes in action.

Hilary Duff Welcomes Baby Luca Cruz!

Posted about 8 hours ago by Missing-user-75 kimtopps to kimtopps's posterous

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Welcoming a precious little one into the world, Hilary Duff gave birth to her first child on Tuesday evening (March 20).

Announcing the news on Thursday (March 22), the "Cheaper By the Dozen" actress joyously told that she and former NHL star husband Mike Comrie have named their son Luca Cruz.

Offering up the baby birth news via Twitter, Miss Duff wrote, "Welcome to the world, Luca Cruz Comrie! Tuesday evening, we became proud parents of a healthy 7 pound, 6 ounce beautiful boy."

The 24-year-old added, "We are overjoyed and feel like the luckiest parents in the world."

As for what's in store now that she's a first-time mother, Hilary previously told press, "I think that after I have the baby I'll want to sit still for a few months and learn how to be a really good mom. And then there's no reason why I can't put a record out and tour... It might take a little while but I'm really excited about it."

Dominique Swain Donna Feldman Drea de Matteo Drew Barrymore Ehrinn Cummings

Why WoW might get you more dates than an online dating site [infographic]

Posted about 7 hours ago by Me_thumb Catherine Faas to Holy Kaw!

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You might not play online games like World of Warcraft with the intention of meeting your soulmate, but according to recent studies—you’re more likely to meet your love match in a virtual fantasy world than an online dating network. The meaningful connections a level 52 mage with carpal tunnel syndrome make go much further in relationship building than those of digital dating sites.

Learn why in the infographic below:


Full story at Mashable.

Get your gaming fix.

Programmer creates algorithm that can find Waldo

Posted about 7 hours ago by Me_thumb Catherine Faas to Holy Kaw!

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The things programmers do when they get bored are more impressive than the things the majority of us do when we’re trying. Take this incredible algorithm capable of making computers find Waldo with ease. It’s the handywork of Heike, a computer whiz with too much time on his hands.

Here's how he did it: