Saturday, January 5, 2013

HOLD ME by Haminia Haar

Hold me my sweet flame

Hold me for a while

I know it won't last forever

Keep me in your arms whenever.


Give me your power Light

Warm me in your heart

Take my mind and soul in you

Take care of me and love them, too.


I'll smell your perfume

I'll drink your sweet wine

I'll dance with your breath in Paris

In the holy cup of Venice.


Join our love in One

Souls, bodies, white rose

Let us fly to the end of love

Feeling the trinity of God.


Live into my heart

Festival of souls

Oh, Lord, what happens in your love ?

It's the wonderful divine Love !


Your divinity

Melt me drops of sea

Thy words make me drunk of sweet love

So gentle kisses touch my blood.


Hold me my Unique

Never let me go

Our love is eternally

Music sounds so beautifully.






Haminia Haar,

3rd December 2013


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