Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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Stories of wisdom and inspiration...Stories that elevate the spirit ... Stories on love and relationships, spirituality, mindfulness and challenges... These are stories that are worth a million words. Let this story be your own. Share your story. Or, find one today.

Dear Aalok Biswas,

    Everyone has a story to tell. And we do believe that every story told, however brief and simple, is worth a million words. Stories that bring wisdom and inspiration are the greatest stories of all. The Soul Jah.com is a site where you can find and post stories about challenges, happiness, love and relationships, spirituality and any other personal experiences that matter most and make a big difference in life.

Share your own story today at theSoulJah.com and create that meaningful impact on the lives of others living in different parts of the world. Or simply read about the beautiful stories that others shared in the website. While uplifting the human spirit may take hard work or colossal effort like hiking in mountains or walking through a forest where you get surrounded by magnificent tall trees; sometimes, it only takes one great story of wisdom, insight, and inspiration.

The Soul Jah.com is a stark contrast to the quite disheartening reality of a world that has turned into a depiction of widespread conflict, materialism, poverty, socio-economic and political crisis, and environmental threats. On a personal level, people nowadays are overwhelmed by various responsibilities that are often complex and multitasking. They are always doing and going. All of these said, is it not a welcoming respite to learn about stories demonstrating hope, love, peace, and beauty? Life after all, is beautiful with its simple joys, little triumphs, and daily miracles.

People find strength from challenges. Love and relationships see people through in their daily living and musings. Spirituality connects people to something or a Being greater than they are. Mindfulness takes them beyond their own selves. Take a moment to stop and relish those great stories or personal experiences that strengthened your heart, pulled you through life, and lifted your spirit.

Sometimes, we might just need our own uplifting. Our well may need to be replenished or we run dry. Filling up of ourselves is necessary so we can be whole again and able to share our lives with others effectively and unselfishly. And maybe the filling up we need is that one story which has made the big difference in life. If only we take a moment to stop and relish.

Again, we invite everyone to visit theSoulJah.com. Find and post stories which others can draw wisdom and inspiration from. Tell your story and have that rare chance of spreading love, wisdom, and inspiration to the rest of the world. Or at the very least, help carve smiles on people's faces. Isn't it great to realize how you may help change people's lives and perspectives? People who may be strangers to you?

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