Friday, March 16, 2012

Rainbow Therapy - Aalok Biswas

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15 Mar, 2012
Rainbow Therapy   Colours play an important part in our lives, says PRATIKSHA APURV Colour and spirituality have been closely associated since time immemorial... By Pratiksha Apurv  |  6 Responses
Find Your Own Yoga Known globally for his interpretative studies of yoga tradition, GEORG FEUERSTEIN’s writings are directed toward preserving authentic teachings.. By Georg Feuerstein  |  2 Responses
Learning From Nature English poet Walter de la Mare once observed a lady at the dining table. There were some food items on the table like porridge, muffins and apples. He.. By Maulana Wahiduddin Khan  |  9 Responses
Why do we get attracted to Someone?  Attraction is Natural Law. It depends on our inner evolution, which even the mind is not aware of. At the TIME OF ATTRACTION both persons have t.. By Meena Om  |  118 Responses
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A Line that MOTIVATES you Friends, we generally see something written anywhere that captivates us, & gives us a power, an impulse, a faith to move forward... Just share here what motivates you with all of us. By Alok Mishra  |  1933 Responses
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A man who discovers he is not what he thought he was and cannot become what he wishes to be, is a man by Thomas M Easley
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Solipsism : Theory that self-existence is the only certainty
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