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Here is a summary of the Ayn Rand Center’s articles and media appearances in February 2012:


Don Watkins on; “Happy Birthday, Ayn Rand – Why Are You Still So Misunderstood?

Don Watkins and Yaron Brook on; “The ‘On Your Own’ Economy

Radio Interviews                                                  

Don Watkins on KFMB’s The Mike Slater Show (San Diego, CA); environmental issues

Don Watkins on America’s Morning News Network, the Occupy movement

Yaron Brook on KFMB’s The Mike Slater Show (San Diego, CA); Ruth Bader Ginsburg attacks the Constitution

Yaron Brook on WGCH’s Financial Survival Network (Greenwich, CT); the role of government

Yaron Brook on KOAN’s Ethically Speaking with Tom Anderson (Anchorage, AK); modern labor VS. private sector

Don Watkins on Business Talk Radio’s The Gabriel Wisdom Show; Atlas Shrugged sales

Yaron Brook on KFMB’s The Mike Slater Show (San Diego, CA); unions

Eric Daniels on WINA’s The Schilling Show (Charlottesville, VA); free speech issues

Yaron Brook on WGCH’s Financial Survival Network (Greenwich, CT); Ayn Rand

Don Watkins on KFMB’s The Mike Slater Show (San Diego, CA); gas prices, monopolies

Web TV Interviews

Don Watkins on PJTV’s Front Page; Render Unto Obama? Are the President's Polices Really Guided by the Gospels?;Another Day Older & Deeper In Debt: Federal Deficit to Top $1 Trillion for Fourth Year; Progressive Group Questions Benefits of Economic Growth

Elan Journo on PJTV’s Front Page; Fines for Football on the Beach in LA and Other Crazy Laws and Regulations; The Obama Fairness Quiz; Jobs Return to the U.S. Thanks to Falling Wages and a Weaker Dollar

Yaron Brook on PJTV’s Front Page; Obama's Bogus Budget: White House Looks to Spend, Spin and Campaign On Fiscal Gimmicks; Politics as Usual: Liberals Are Killing the Housing Market, Once Again; Obamanomics Hitting Youth the Hardest. Is More Education Really the Solution?

Yaron Brook on The; charity VS. a safety net


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