Sunday, April 24, 2011

Posterous Spotlight: the3six5

Anyone on any given day has a story to share - Len Kendall and Daniel Honigman created the3six5 project to share experiences from authors from around the world who write about their experiences once a day for the entire year.

For those unfamiliar with the3six5 project, what is it exactly?
the3six5 is essentially a community-generated journal. Every day (365 days was the original scope of the project) a different person writes a post -- in 365 words or fewer -- about their experiences that day, and reflects upon what happened in the bigger picture. Each post is specific to that day. None are prewritten.
What were some of your favorite posts thus far into the year?
These are from last year, but:  August 11, 2010: Chris Courtney and October 2, 2010: Ann Curry. This year: April 14, 2011: Alicia Hansen and January 21, 2011: Petar Boyadzhiev
What's the funniest post you guys have received?
This satire of Texas and it's politicians was quite chuckle-worthy 
You're currently nominated for a Webby award, did you ever expect to get this much attention?
We've had great feedback throughout the project's existence, whether it's from the media, authors or from the digital community as a whole. We were selected to host a panel at SXSW. When the Webby submission dates rolled around, we were encouraged by our community to enter, and we even raised the $150 entry fee in less than a day!
What are some other Posterous blogs you like to read?
Jason Calacanis' blog is definitely great, along with LitmanLive. Internet Scratch Pad by Baratunde Thurston -- one of our authors -- is a good read too
Any other words?
While the3six5 means a lot to us, I think Len and I have been most surprised by what exactly it means to our community as well. People really seem to love the project!
Other sites to check out:
Beautiful Books - A mom reviews beautiful books that help children develop into beautiful people.
Earth Hour Blog - Go beyond the hour with a commitment to a positive action for the planet.
Brewmethod - A blog about coffee that'll be sure to wake you up!
Want to nominate a site or submit your own? Let us know.
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