Sunday, April 24, 2011

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

What can I say it's a masterpiece. It's both funny and it strikes a vital point. As a matter of fact I don't really know how to explain the greatness of this film. i guess the main question is; how do you define insanity? And do we have the right to pretend we're any better? Or for that sake how can we claim to be able to cure mental disease when we have no clue how the brain works. 
The movie starts with a minor criminal McMurphy (Jack Nicholsen) who pretends to be insane to avoid prison. But as he observes the patients, who by the way becomes his friends, he starts feeling sorry for them, and questioning the doctors means for "healing" them. Nurse Ratchet (Louise Fletcher), the woman who is supposed to help them, seem to stir up more problems than she fixes them. So he decides to rebel against the doctors and learn the patient how it is to live again and have some fun. Now to prevent myself from spoiling any of this movie I'll stop here.
Now of course Jack Nicholsen is not the only who should get credit for this movie, although he's performance is great. Christopher Lloyd as Taber and this film also introduces Brad Dourif in his first film role as Billy Bibbit. And the one character that holds this film together is Will Sampson as Chief the mute and deaf native American who is more than everyone suspects. i must say he was my favourite in this film.
So what is my verdict from this film, 10/10 of course. This film is brilliant, I can't recommend this film enough, go out and rent it, buy it or whatever, this movie is a must see for everyone.
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