Sunday, April 24, 2011


Firefly is a unique and well-developed show, with interesting characters and riveting plots.

The show had an awesome team to make it. It had amazing episodes that were produced in such ways that when watching it, I was amazed. I loved the dialog and it's classic Joss Whedon attributes of wit, sarcasm, and his purposeful directing. There was meaning in places where you wouldn't usually find it to be. The ship itself had several meanings, as did its various parts, and crew. The show was very pleasing to watch and its a shame that there are people out there who don't understand that although the idea of a space western is hard to conceptualize with it's oddities (for instance, the presence of guns with bullets as opposed to tasters/phasers/lasers), that this is a science fiction show. It is a fiction about another dimension; the space western aspect is only the background of the show. The story lines and morals, alongside with the wonderful acting and great dialogue, makes this a show to be watched. 
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