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Fw: Wheel of joys and sorrows - Aalok Biswas

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Subject: Fw: Wheel of joys and sorrows - Aalok Biswas

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Subject: Wheel of joys and sorrows - Aalok Biswas

01 Oct, 2011
Wheel of joys and sorrows The Taoists speak of ten thousand sorrows and ten thousand joys, with the joys turning to sorrow and sorrows turning to joy without breaking a sweat. .. By O P Yadava  |  27 Responses
Desirable Goddess Kamakshi Kamakshi embodies the autonomy of nature, one who will never be conquered, says Devdutt Pattanaik.  Everybody knows that Shiva, the hermit, ope.. By Devdutt Pattanaik  |  10 Responses
Mystic tales - The churning of the wheel From there he walked to Sarnath, to Rajhat and gave his first sermon - which is called the ‘churning of the wheel’. This is the story of .. By Sri M  |  16 Responses
i Is Not I Is the environment smarter than we are, controlling our lives, wonders Thomas M Easley in New York Several days ago a dear friend, Anita, came to our.. By Thomas N Easley  |  14 Responses
5 Bread slices and Aloo Gobhi  He was a newbie to our office.He brought 5 slices of brown bread and Aloo Gobhi to office everyday. He would heat it in the microwave and gulp t.. By Ravi Sharma  |  93 Responses
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What is Peace? We are all discussing a lot about peace. What actually is 'peace'? Is it mere absence of war? Is it something idealistic and individualistic? Or is it dialectical and social? By Chindhu Ravindran  |  247 Responses
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