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04 Oct, 2011
Be Squeaky Clean Gandhi advocated self-cleansing; it’s a process that leads to self-transformation, says Sonal Srivastava. Self-purification is a process of cl.. By Sonal Srivastava  |  2 Responses
Why Are You Here? When you take the perennial meditative journey to the depths of your own self, you discover what it was like before the beginning. You come to re.. By Andrew Cohen  |  5 Responses
OMG! Love Marriage permitted in Scriptures 'Prem Vivah yani Gandharva Vivah ki Swikrati Shastron mein bhi hai'(Blog in English).Here is the Bombshell! Did you know that 'Prem Vivah'(Love Marria.. By Vivek Saxena  |  21 Responses
Why Food Becomes An Obsession There is a close relationship between your sexual energy and your interest in food, says OSHO. Whenever you don’t allow sex energy to move rig.. By Osho  |  27 Responses
Social And Spiritual Impact We're all striving to improve the quality of our lives. However,very few of the attempts to bring about institutional reforms have helped leverage peo.. By Anant G Nadkarni  |  3 Responses
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Science Behind The Mantras Come and Discuss the Science behind the Mantras. There are a number of different “sciencesâ€� behind mantric chanting. Some of these are the “hardâ€� sciences—physics, psycho-acoustics, etc. Some of these are spiritual sciences such as the different yogic practices that work with sound. By Shivani Trehan  |  99 Responses
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Purity in thought, speech, and act is absolutely necessary for anyone to be religious by Swami Vivekananda
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Mentalism : Belief that the world can be explained as aspect of the mind
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