Sunday, January 22, 2012

We Have Changed!

Beyond Teaching releases a new improved website with features based on requests and feedback from you! Hope this will make it easier for you to do more...
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We have changed...for the better, of course!

Dear Aalok,

We've learned a lot from your feedback last year, and from the numerous emails, phone calls and meetings, we realized that it was time for the BIG change! We did a couple of them this time, and are planning to introduce some in the coming weeks.Your website is now "open" to all teachers. We used to ask for identity proof in some form before we allowed you to discuss anything on the site with your fellow teachers. From your emails, and on analyzing our registration details, we found that it was becoming a time-consuming exercise for you to furnish these proofs. Besides, we hardly found any person impersonating as a teacher! So, we decided to allow any person registered as a teacher to interact on the site without "proving" identity. Of course, we expect teachers to write responsibly on the site to keep it clean. You can point out any inappropriate behaviour of any fellow teacher, and we will deal with the person.

Another feature request that we have enabled is"Like" a post. So, even if you don't have anything specific to say about a post, you can simply "Like" it to express yourself. You will also be able to see all those who think like you, that is, like the same post. Liking a post also tells us what you want to see more on your site, so that we focus on the right stuff. You could begin by liking this excellent post quoting Steve Jobs.

What's wrong with Education cannot be fixed with technologySteve Jobs once said: "What's wrong with Education cannot be fixed with technology". With the proliferation of technology aids and products in our classrooms today, are we really looking at the root causes of the problems, or are we simply trying to tackle the symptoms? Read the article for the "other" perspective on technology for education... The next feature request that has really caught our attention is to have you post your own updates so that others can benefit from your own findings and experiences. This feature should be ready within this month, and we hope it will help the network grow further in learning relevant stuff.Finally, we are glad to have figured out the purpose of our existence! After a lot of deliberations with friends, fellow teachers and experts within and outside the network, we could put our finger on our role in this fastest growing teacher network in India. We managed to make this nice graphic out of it too:

To elaborate on the "purpose":
  • Know More: We will post education-related updates that you can discuss with others, and share the right ones with your students too.
  • Earn More: With job alerts (full-time and part-time) and exclusive earning opportunities for teachers, you should be able to earn some more money to keep you motivated!
  • Give More: Teachers can be the critical change agents in the society. For those of you looking for contributing to social causes, we will link you with those who need your help.
With these in mind, we hope to empower the network so that we can attempt to change this world, for the better, of course!We look forward to your feedback and suggestions on what you would want to see us doing on the website, or in the real world. Please continue to send your mails to,Your Fellow Teachers @ Beyond TeachingNo Teacher Left BehindForward to a friend 

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