Thursday, January 19, 2012

[TechRepublic] hits Ballarat

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Editor's note
As is occuring in Ballarat, its no surprise that our coverage has taken a free and open slant this week. Stilgherrian has been filing daily podcasts from the event that summarise the day's happenings -- there will be two more podcasts this week so be sure to check back. This is a new direction in conference coverage and I'd love to know what you think about it. Email to send praise, vitriol, or something in between. -- Chris 2012: three threats and a balloon

The Linux operating system and other open software projects are under threat because they've failed to develop the sympathy for users manifested by companies such as Apple, according to luminary... Read more

Resource of the day

The Small Business BIG IT Challenge

Do you need to increase innovation, improve ROI, increase productivity, improve your cost savings or drive more competitive advantage? HP and Intel is proud to bring you the Small Business BIG IT Challenge. Tell us how HP India can help solve your IT challenge and win 4,50,000 INR worth of HP Hardware! On top of this, you get to showcase a video case study of your small business online! Enter the Competition now 2012: FreedomBox's privacy

Open software isn't just a programming- and software-licensing methodology; it's also a political philosophy and a revolutionary movement -- something made clear by Linux projects like FreedomBox. Read more

Open source needed to save democracy

Open source software developers face greater risks today than they ever have, to the point where the constraints inherent in proprietary software now represent a risk to democracy. Read more

LibreOffice's massive method removal

If you think your code base is massive, spare a thought for LibreOffice, as the project has only recently managed to remove half of the known unused methods in its code base. Read more

Additional TechRepublic resources

Taking BSD one step further

PC-BSD is to FreeBSD what Ubuntu is to Debian, without most of the mess. Read more

What SOPA/PIPA would mean for IT consultants

Chip Camden explores how SOPA/PIPA could impact tech consultants' business for the bad and possibly the good -- as long as you don't mind losing some sleep. Read more

Microsoft back to dirty pool with UEFI Secure Boot

With the UEFI Secure Boot it seems MS is back to some of their old, dirtier practices. This time around it involves the ARM platform. Does Windows 8 want to be the only player on tablets and phones? Read more

Android fragmentation is real

Android fragmentation might be just what the Market ordered. Ken Hardin has the details. Read more

Featured multimedia

The old and new of BSD installers

A pair of BSD installers show two different ways of tackling the install process: one tried and tested, the other more modern. It's FreeBSD against PC-BSD. View on site

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The Small Business BIG IT Challenge

Introducing Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft)

Why The Change in Backup Licensing Models? (Quest Software)

2011 DCIG Oracle Backup Buyer's Guide (Quest Software)

Protect Critical Data in Physical & Virtual Environments (Quest Software)

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SOPA shelved for now, but what does the future hold?

Patrick Lambert summarizes the latest action on the SOPA controversy, with lawmakers moving over the weekend to shelve it while "outstanding concerns" are being evaluated.

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