Thursday, March 24, 2011

Posterous Spotlight: Talking With Tom


Posterous Spotlight: Talking With Tom

The Posterous mobile apps make it extremely easy to blog on the go. Tom Martin has taken it a step further with his own social media campaign of interviewing leading digital thinkers every week until the end of the year using nothing but his iPhone camera and iPhone Posterous app
What was the inspiration for Talking With Tom? 
It really started when Apple introduced the iPhone4. As soon as I saw it was going to carry iMovie, I got the idea of doing a 100% mobile produced video blog. 
Are you really traveling around the country?  How are you getting around? 
I am traveling around to various conferences and cities to complete the Talking With Tom project. When I can, I drive, but most of the time I'm flying from one place to another... maybe an airline should co-sponsor this project ;-)) 
Any funny stories you can share about your interviews so far? 
Probably the funniest story has to do with Jason Falls. He's kind of an opinionated person so for his "fun question" I asked (jokingly) "So Jason, who's the biggest douchebag in social media?" And he answered it... I and everyone else in the room died laughing. I can't wait to post that video... I'm thinking high RT value there. 
What is your favorite interview so far?  Why? 
This one's hard to say because I've done a lot more interviews than I've currently posted. I only post one per week, so I like to get ahead. But I have to say, Ann Handley's answer to What's Next? and Mack Collier's both really hit home with me because both answers involve the evolution of advertising and marketing away from interruption marketing to invitation marketing.
Best Posterous site that you'd like to introduce others to? 
Probably my favorite Posterous is Gangway Advertising by my friend Cynthia Smoot because it's O, so helpful. I like the way she and Gangway curate smart stuff that marketing types like me should be aware of and then they present it in a short, effective manner. It's a quick but smart read, and well, I like quick and smart. 
Other sites to check out:
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