Friday, March 18, 2011

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The Hands-Free Sandwich Holder

This hands-free sandwich holder might look suspiciously look like a re-purposed harmonica holder for lazy sandwich enthusiasts, cool or ridiculous?

Crazy mp3 player

Tornado in Pupping

Gever Tulley says: "This might just be the most beautiful piece of collaboration between nature and industrial agriculture that I have ever seen."

Hot Family Photo

Aquarium Telephone Booth in France

Forever alone the performance

Double-Decker School Bus

It's not a usual double-decker bus. Take a look.

80's Heartthrobs Then and Now

These guys got their start more than 25 years ago....

Video of mad tsunami waves battering ships, homes, cars after Japan earthquake

Elsewhere, cars, boats, and houses are being tossed like toys by the powerful waves.

IKEA Now Organizes Your Desktop!

IKEA created a downloadable folder that consists of a background picture of an EXPEDIT storage unit and an icon set made of IKEA's very own organizers.
So you can basically put all your files/folders in the "organizers" and stack them up!
Pretty cool! Unfortunately the set is only currently downloadable in 3 countries for now: Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

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