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Fw: India: Stop killer hospitals!

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Dear friends across India,

An innocent baby girl died shortly after she was denied access to life-saving equipment because her parents couldn't pay 200 rupees, even though her treatment should have been free. The government has announced free neonatal care for all. Now call on Punjab's health department to widely publicise this information so no more infants die due to ignorance:

An innocent baby girl died in a Punjab hospital shortly after she was denied access to life-saving equipment because her parents couldn't pay 200 rupees. Let's act now to end this callous cruelty.

As a high-risk baby, she should have received free treatment -- but her parents didn't know their rights. Aware of the public anger sparked by this cruelty, the Chief Minister, quickly announced free care for all newborns. But money is not enough to ensure this shocking tragedy doesn't happen again. Let's insist that the state's health department publicise these new rules informing parents of their rights.

Sign this petition now urging the Punjab Health Department to set a precedent by putting up posters in all government hospitals announcing this free healthcare policy. Avaaz will deliver our message directly to the officials when 50,000 of us sign:

Poor people across India rely on government hospitals but unfortunately there is no one to inform them of their rights. Policies made in government departments in state capitals are rarely properly communicated to hospitals or patients. So while India plans to increase spending on healthcare, tragedies will persist until people are informed of their rights.

The parents of this poor baby girl have done us all a service by speaking out. Let's campaign together so that no baby has to die like this ever again. Let's demand that the Punjab Health Department put up posters in key languages inside hospitals and set up help desks to genuinely assist poor patients.

Sign the petition now and send to others to sign too:

Avaaz members have successfully campaigned from Bahrain to Brazil to hold governments and corporations accountable. Avaaz members recently managed to get 100 Indian labourers released from captivity in Bahrain. It's time for us to come together again to ensure that what happened to this poor couple in Punjab doesn't happen again to other parents.

With hope and determination,

Meredith, Alaphia, Luis, Ian, Ricken, Alex, Rewan and the entire Avaaz team.


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