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How to create an effective resume
Developing a powerful resume that does justice to your professional achievements and experience is certainly not easy. There are thousands of other aspiring job seekers who are looking for the same job. So what's the clear cut formula to create an effective resume...

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To work or not to work 'WITH SPOUSE'?

For some it's the worst nightmare and for some it's still a nightmare. There are pros and cons associated with couples working at same place. Overall, only a few agree on the fact that spouse at same work place is a good idea...

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Lazy days at work

There comes a day in the office lives when no matter how many cups of coffee one consumes, they still feel dull and listless. Not thinking, working or doing anything productive, just being lazy. But what happens when the laziness becomes a habit???

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Business Etiquettes Essential For Employees

The corporate world today demands not just hard work and business sense but also impeccable etiquette. Companies look for socially skilled individuals as well as professional credentials while hiring and invest heavily in etiquette training for employees...

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Corporate Culture

In today's world, why does everyone from academicians, HR professionals, psychologists, top leaders and even cartoonists talk so much about 'corporate culture'? What insight have they garnered through research or otherwise that make them focus so heavily...

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