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forgot eggs in cheesecake

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Hubby made 2 chocolate cheesecakes. Forgot the eggs. Is there anything that can be done with them to make a salvageable dessert? I think they still taste good, but he's so upset that he's ready to pitch them.

I was thinking cheesecake parfait, or call them cheesecake pie and put whipped cream and berries on them.

But advice needed stat or he might throw them out.

EDIT: thank you so much for emergency help. I made cheesecake truffles- chilled the cheesecake until firm, rolled into balls, stuck a toothpick in, chilled some more, dipped in melted dark chocolate. My sister in law ate two, and said they were dangerous. My brother in law said they were fabulous.

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Clip joint: Goodbyes

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So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, pet. We look at the best goodbye scenes in film

This week's Clip joint is by Leonidas Vyzas; a 16-year-old student from Greece and editor-in-chief of student magazine MUST. Follow him on Twitter here, and on Tumblr here.

Think you can do better than Leonidas? If you've got an idea for a future Clip joint, send a message to

Cinematic goodbyes, whether for death or departure, generally require a moving last line and a captivating performance. They're not always easy to pull off, given the plausibility required to make the credulous masses shed a tear.

Here's my selection of some of the most thought-provoking, most soulful and most touching goodbyes throughout cinematic history.

1. Dogville

No embeddable clip - watch on YouTube

Grace (Nicole Kidman) has witnessed or caused the execution of all the manipulating, miserable and tyrannical citizens who once inhabited Dogville, but there is still one person remaining, the one she truly loved. Tom was different, to begin with, but now Grace is lacking any sentiment for him. The only honour she will grant him will be to look away while she plants a bullet in his head, severing her final link with the dreadful town. "Goodbye, Tom."

2. Toy Story 3

Andy isn't just waving goodbye to his old toys, but his childhood, and his innocence. This is what breaks the hearts of even the most hardcore viewers' hearts during the Toy Story trilogy's excellent ending; the fact that we all reach the point of moving on, without our favourite cowboy. Woody, Buzz and the whole gang are now in the caring hands of an imaginative little girl. And Andy is behind the wheel of the vehicle that will take him to a new life away from home, the places and things he grew up with. The faithful cowboy stands up for a last goodbye: "So long, partner."

3 The Wizard of Oz

All together, Dorothy and her three companions made a complete person. Each was lacking something, each was afraid of something, each was capable of something. "I know I have a heart, because now it is breaking." These are the Tin Man's last words to Dorothy, and Dorothy is devastated too. Does she really want to leave her new best friends? "Say goodbye, Toto."

4. Up

It's Pixar again. This top "goodbye" is distinct from the others in two ways ? it's not spoken by the character, and it's not really goodbye. It's one that's read, a long time after it was written, on the back of a notebook, and it's more like a wish for a new life. Carl Fredricksen loved his wife, and that was the biggest adventure he'd ever have in his life. "Thanks for the adventure! Now go have a new one. Love, Ellie."

Last week, Claire Ramtuhul selected clips on the subject of dreams. Here are Leonidas's favourites from the thread.

1) tommyboy79 was spot-on for praising the bizarre and frightening dream sequences in Rosemary's Baby.

2) Anime has a fine history generally on depicting dizzy dream sequences based on the characters' subconscious worlds. But monkey2 recognised correctly that few were as affecting as Perfect Blue.

3) stuartm proposed American Psycho, a film that conveys the essence of not knowing if you have just stepped inside or out of a dream.

4) littleriver focused on the "ashen dream" scene from Scorsese's Shutter Island. Paraphrasing a quote from the beginning of the book upon which the script was based, isn't it already enough that we have dreams of our own? Do we have to relive them too?

5) It is a horrible feeling to wake from a beautiful dream and to have it interrupted by a dreadful reality, as in The Descent, proposed by swanstep. © 2012 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds

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The Letterpress Workers international summit 2012

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At its first edition, The Letterpress Workers International Summit (17-21.04.12) will try to lay link between cross-culture thinking about typography and design practices. During the four days of letterpress printing designers from all around Europe will work together. Prints produced during that days, with works by printers from the italian letterpress scene, will form an exhibition open until 19th may.
Letterpress participants are: Pete Burke (DK), John Cristopher (UK), Alexander Cooper and Rose Gridneff (UK), Thomas Gravemaker (FR), Mark Pavey (UK) and Justin Knopp (UK).

Sesto San Giovanni
Via Granelli 1
Milan, Italy

more info here & here

The man who built a forest

Posted about 23 hours ago by Po-wed_006__2__thumb Kate Rinsema to Holy Kaw!

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If you need another example of the incredible power of one person, look no further than Jadav “Molai” Payeng of India’s Assam region, who, at the age of sixteen, found a life’s calling that would literally transform the landscape of his home.

It was 1979 when Payeng witnessed the carnage of snakes that died en masse from the heat on a sandbar near his home, and when the forest department said his request to plant some cover for animals was impossible, he sprung into action and proved them wrong.

Today, that sandbar has been transformed into a 1,360-acre forest, which houses apes, rhino, birds and a wide variety of other flora and fauna, as well as Payeng and his small family. When locals wanted to cut the forest down, he defended his small paradise with his life and finally got the attention of the Assistant Curator of Forests, who decided this time, to lend a hand. He has also been key in keeping rhino poachers at bay.

Mulai said, “If the Forest Department promises me to manage the forest in a better way, I shall go to other places of the state to start a similar venture,” he said.

Full story at Asian Age via Huffington Post.

News from India.

Photo credit: Fotolia

Remixing “Monsters, Inc.” [video]

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Need a little something to get your blood moving this morning? Pogo is back with this remix of Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. with editing by goldpikpikcarrots to get your weekend started off right, or at the very least, your Thursday.

Feel free to bop around.

Embedded media -- click here to see it.

Full story at YouTube via Laughing Squid.

Messing with the movies.

What baseball team should I root for? [flowchart]

Posted about 22 hours ago by Po-wed_006__2__thumb Kate Rinsema to Holy Kaw!

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You might have caught a glimpse of this flowchart last year, but with baseball season gearing up, we thought you might want to glance at it again just in case you’ve decided to ditch your loyalties and go with a winner…or not. 

Via Interpretation By Design.

Take me out to the ballgame.

RNA discovery offers clue in autism puzzle

Posted about 19 hours ago by Small_square_thumb Futurity to Holy Kaw!

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Scientists have discovered the first gene associated with autism that has genome-wide significance—findings that could lead to new treatments.

“Our study shows that a highly-significant genetic signal for autism pointed to a new gene, MSNP1AS,” says Daniel B. Campbell, the study’s senior author and assistant professor of psychiatry and the behavioral sciences at University of Southern California‘s Keck School of Medicine.

Full story at Futurity.

More research news from top universities.

How to use social media to land a job [infographic]

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Via The Degree 360.

Improve your social media skills.

Big Bang Theory: 100 episodes in, it has never been better

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The old-fashioned sitcom with a cast of Roseanne graduates is still going strong, five years on

There used to be a surefire way to never get anything done over the weekend. Leave E4 on for more than five minutes and a vintage episode of Friends would appear to distract you from your ironing, trolling session or bake-off, dragging you off into another one of Phoebe's whimsical japes. It was familiar and predictable, but also compulsive and lovely.

E4 might not have Friends repeats anymore, but a new threat to the nation's bake-offs has emerged. At most random times of the day, you will probably find one of The Big Bang Theory's five seasons. The only difference is that Big Bang is not only still on ? it's also still in its prime. Tonight, the science sitcom reaches its 100th episode with a special night of E4 programming.

When it started, not many would have thought the sitcom about group of young academics at a California university would be a stayer. The tale of experimental physicists Leonard (the straight man) and Sheldon (the deranged neurotic), and their smart-but-uneducated wannabe actress neighbour Penny looked too male, too niche and maybe too E4. But as time's gone on it's turned into something quite lovely. And importantly for a sitcom, it's always funny enough to attract your attention and keep it.

Big Bang is a shamelessly old-fashioned sitcom with a studio audience and one-liners coming thick and fast through simple relationship stories ? it seems to revel in it's old-fashioned feel. Johnny Galecki (Leonard) and recurring stars Laurie Metcalf (Sheldon's Godfearing Texan mum) and Sara Gilbert (Lesley Winkle) are all graduates from Roseanne and the show often resembles Cheers, right down to the Vera/ Maris style offscreen character in the form of sleazy Howard's formidable mother.

What could have been a one-note show has depth, heart and reliable laughs. Crucially the female cast has been expanded to become as loveable, flawed and desperate as the men. Howard became a proper character once his fiancee Bernadette came along, she proved herself just as self-doubting and crazy as he was, and they fell in love.

Best of all has been the addition of Mayim Bialik ? another sitcom veteran, this time from 90s teen show Blossom ? as Amy Farrah Fowler. Initially brought in as stunt "female Sheldon" character, Fowler has blossomed (sorry) into the show's leading light. A buttoned-up neurobiologist, Amy has since acknowledged her libido and is going all out to compensate for her lack of childhood friendships through her idolisation of new BFF Penny.

Bialik steals every scene she's in. Witness her attempt to try fitting into Penny's glamorous gang, wearing ill-fitting shoes. "Did you know that women wear high heels to make their buttocks and breasts more prominent?" she asks Leonard, with frowning academic detachment, before exiting the room in a sequence worthy of Python's Ministry Of Silly Walks. It's both hilarious and touching.

Five years in, The Big Bang Theory is still getting better; still finding new places to go. It looks as if it could easily last another five years.

It does help if you're a bit of a geek. While you don't need to know the comic book references to get the jokes, the show is a richer experience if you do ? plus they allow for a lot more fancy dress specials than most sitcoms can get away with. Meanwhile, a guest spot has become a badge of honour among the great of the geek good. Katee Sackhoff, Wil Wheaton, Steve Wozniak, Summer Glau and even Leonard Nimoy have all made guest appearances. And in the episode airing in the US tonight, they've secured their biggest coup yet in the shape of Professor Stephen Hawking.

So happy 100th episode, Big Bang. No need to buy the DVD, readers, just leave your PVR on long enough and you'll have the whole thing ? © 2012 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds

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Weird and wonderful wall decals

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If you’re looking to spruce up your household with some smile-inducing wall art, look no further than these awesome decals by Blik. From fictional holes to alternate universes to the evil mice that “live” in your walls and terrorize your cats—Blik’s wall art is whimsical and funny and perfect for your home.



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