Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day #119, Rhythm of Love

Day #119, Rhythm of Love

Busy, busy day!  First, I went to pick up a rental at Hawaii Photo Rental (I must plug them as much as I can.  Superior customer service!  I LOVE them!).  I went to Kaka'ako to do some damage over at Eat the Street.  No Gogi this time, but I hit up all the other places that I like... Flipt Out Eats, Fairy Cakes 808, and Shogunai Tacos.  I also tried a few new places, Da Kine Kettle Corn and Inferno's Wood Fire Pizza.  I was okay for the first half-hour or so, then it just POURED RAIN.  I had an umbrella, but it still sucked.  I bought up the rest of my food and hightailed it to the car.  I still had a crapton of time to kill before Heidi's recital, so I headed up to Orvis and ate my haul.  That wood fire pizza thing?  Holy monkey.. soooo good!  Anyway, I finally figured it was time to get myself setup in the auditorium.  I've shot several recitals in Orvis now, so I've kinda got it down to a science.  The reception afterwards was tons of fun with everyone hamming it up for me on my human light stand, Adachi.  I'm still in the process of editing those pictures, so stay tuned for the full set!
The legs in the picture?  Heidi and her super pretty dress!

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